“I just wanted to thank you for giving me a great foundation in my English education. Since I scored a 31 on the English portion of the ACT and I scored a 3 in AP Lit, my university is letting me “test out” of college writing I and Studies in Literature. I would have loved to take studies in literature because I genuinely enjoyed literature classes in high school, but being able to skip the class is giving me just enough room to receive a double major in Zoology and Psychology in only four years!”

Amy Schaeffer ‘14

What makes Catholic Central special?

“I think Catholic Central is special because everyone is welcomed and respected. Also, the teachers here are very nice and help you when you need it. Here we are all family.” – Allison, Grade 9

“Catholic Central is special because we learn more than academics. We build strong relationships with our friends, our teachers, and, most of all, God.” – Madison, Grade 10

“The teachers that I have, I can tell, care about everyone a lot. And they want to see us succeed.” – Seth, Grade 12

What is your favorite thing about attending Catholic Central?

“My favorite thing is the school spirit that everyone has. It makes you feel like you are a part of something special and unique.” – Sophia, Grade 11

“I love how no matter where you come from, Central is getting you where you want to be.” – Christina, Grade 9

“My favorite thing about attending Catholic Central is the atmosphere. The school is small enough to know everybody but big enough to find your niche or where you are comfortable.” – Hayden, Grade 12

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