Leave a Legacy To Catholic Central School

PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, ALUMNI, ALUMNI PARENTS AND FRIENDS WHO INCLUDE CENTRAL in their estate plans are helping to ensure that the same remarkable school that educated their children will be available to future generations.  The Catholic Central Foundation honors everyone who includes Catholic Central as a beneficiary to their will or estate plans.

Planned Gifts
Planned gifts are designed to enhance a donor’s financial and estate plans and, at the same time, to support the long-term financial stability of an institution through endowment.  Planned gifts can take a variety of forms.

  • Bequests – Designate Catholic Central as a beneficiary in your will.
  • Life Insurance Policy – You may donate a policy you no longer need, take out a new policy, or name Catholic Central as the primary or contingent beneficiary of an exising policy, which may yield estate tax savings.
  • Retirement Assets – Naming Catholic Central as the beneficiary of retirement assets such as 401(k) or IRA may also privide significant income and estate tax savings.
  • Life Income Gifts – Do you own low-yielding assests like securities that have appreciated in value?  Do you want to sell those assets and reinvest in higher income vehicles?  A charitable remainder trust might be your anwer.  A charitable remainder trust give the donor a payment for a set term of years or for life, with the remaining trust property passing to Catholic Central.

There are so many long term options available that we recommend our donors seek advice from an attorney or financial planner.  The school has several alumni who represent these professions and can assist you with your planning needs, if you so desire.  It is never too soon to plan, and we are here to help.  There is also a simple brochure that outlines the giving procedure.  Please contact the Development Office at 937-328-7427 Ext. 111, and we will be happy to mail one to you promptly.  Thank you!

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