Laura Williams, currently in the 11th grade at Catholic Central, was nominated and voted upon her peers to go to the 54th National Girl Scout Convention held in Columbus, OH.  She is one of only 6 high schoolers that is a member of Girls Scouts in Springfield.

Laura is in troop 30009 and has been in Girl Scouts for 9 years.  She is currently an Ambassador which means she is now at the highest level of Girl Scouts before she becomes an adult.  In 2014, Laura earned the Silver Award which is the second highest award you can get in Girl Scouts.  She earned her silver award for many different reasons but the main project her troop did helped a local area organization.  The troop spent a full week at Interfaith Hospitality Network renovating living areas, organizing space in the building and bought necessary items to help the organization.  There were two articles written about the hard work these ladies in the Springfield paper. 

Laura was honored to be able to go to the 54th National Girl Scout Convention.  The convention was held From October 4 – 8.  She was able to meet the CEO of Girls Scouts of USA and also the CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. She loved the entire event but what she enjoyed most was meeting a lot more of girls her age and listening to the presenters.  The presenters had a lot of passion about changing the world and inspiring women to be go getters, innovators, risk takers and leaders.  

She is going to continue to stay with Girl Scouts and her hope is get receive the Gold Award before she graduates from High School.