Parent Service Program

The Parent Service Program is a formally organized volunteer program of Catholic Central School which directs volunteer service time to assist in the operation of the School. The involvement of parents and friends is an integral part of the well being of Catholic Central School. This program has been developed through cooperative planning by the Boosters, Administration and the Catholic Central School Board.

The Parent Service Program is an effective way of maintaining high quality educational opportunities for our students. The program also makes it possible to keep yearly tuition increases to a reasonable level. It is an equitable way to provide the school with important service hours while allowing families to participate in events, work together, and share their common perceptions of Catholic education.

The Parent Service Program requires a yearly quota of work hours for each registered family. No additional hours will be required if more than one student in a family is enrolled at Catholic Central. Hours are determined by and recorded based on the oldest student in the family. Example: A family with a 4th, 7th and 9th grade student must complete 20 hours total based on the oldest student.

Participants: Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility of meeting the hourly quota. However, any adult family member, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, or family and friends can help to provide service hours for this program. No one may transfer hours to a non-family student without the permission of the administration.

Quota: The quota for the 2020-2021 school year will be:
Grades 9-12 – 20 Hours
Grades 6-8 – 10 Hours
Grades K-5 – 5 Hours
Ten (10) if attending part-time such as CTC students, or attends Catholic Central for part of the school year. There will be a fee of $15 per hour not served by May 1, 2021.

Time Limits: Parents/guardians will have until May 1, 2021 to acquire the year’s quota. No student will be allowed to attend the following year until the previous year’s quota is met. Seniors will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony or receive their diploma if the parent service hour requirement or payment has not been made.

Service Hour Project Tally Form: After completing one of the tasks listed as Areas of Service, the worker should sign the Project Tally Form available from the project coordinator/coach, carefully noting the time in half hour blocks. The project coordinator in charge must sign the form. It is the project coordinator’s responsibility to turn in the top copy to the Development Office within two weeks, being sure to keep the carbon copy for their records. Total number of hours can be monitored on your RenWeb account. Any discrepancy in records should be corrected by notifying the Advancement Office immediately at 937-325-9204, ext. 111.

Areas of Service: The areas listed below already are authorized to count toward service hours in the Parent Service Hour Program. Contact information for each area is also included if you have any questions. Those interested should contact the appropriate project coordinator quickly as the time frame for sign-ups is limited. Official prior approval to work an event or project must be obtained. Please do not make an appearance to work an event or project without prior approval by the project or event coordinator.

Advancement Office Projects (Kris Culp – 325-9204, ext. 111)
Student Activity Fund
Emerald Evening – In the Spring
Clerical Assistance – Throughout the year
Hall of Honor/Alumni Weekend
Providing Food or Baked Goods for events – Throughout the year
Wreath Sale
Book Sale

Athletic Department (Jon Metzger – 328-7427, ext. 115)
Driving multiple team members out of the county for events
Field Maintenance
Gate Workers

Booster Projects (Jon Metzger – 328-7427, ext. 115)
Game Concessions
Fish Stag – November
Mulch Sale – Spring and Summer

Recruitment/Marketing Activities (325-9204, ext. 123)
Open Houses

PTO Activities
Wreath Sale
Room Mothers
Cafeteria/Recess Duty
Market Day
Cookies, Crafts & Carols – December
Field Day – End of School Year

School & Grounds Maintenance
Building sets, sewing costumes, and providing make-up for plays
Substitute Teaching
Computer Tech Assistance
Professional Work (Legal, Accounting, Etc.)
Other events and projects as approved and announced

Exclusions: Any event or project that does not receive official pre-approval. Any event that does not raise or save money for the school. Individual athletic team fundraisers, school club/organization projects or parish projects are NOT eligible. A Pre-approval Form is available in the school office and must be submitted and signed off on prior to any new activity being undertaken for parent service hours.

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