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Catholic Central School is a pre-K – 12 Archdiocesan regional school committed to changing people’s lives by providing a Catholic education foundation that allows students to succeed. We serve God by educating students of any family that supports our values.

Faculty & Staff Directory

President – Mr. Mike Raiff
Business Manager – Ms. Jaimee Jordan
Principal (Pre-K-8) – Mrs. Kathy Anderson
Assistant Principal (Pre-K-8) – Mrs. Beth Allman
Principal (HS) – Mr. Patrick Rizer
Preschool Director – Mrs. Dawn Clemens
Jr. Kindergarten Teacher – Jessica Heath
Preschool Aide – Mrs. Ellen Malicki
Kindergarten – Ms. Emily Derr
Kindergarten – Mrs. Kim DeWitt
Grade 1 – Mrs. Sara Neargarder
Grade 1 – Mrs. Michelle LeMaster
Grade 2 – Mrs. Jennifer Stallard
Grade 2 – Mr. Patrick McCombs
Art (Grades K-6) – Mrs. Anita Flohre
Grade 3 – Ms. Hillary Bancroft
Grade 3 – Mrs. Inge Miller
Grade 4 – Mrs. Christina Bashore
Grade 4 – Ms. Ashley Ericson
Grade 5 – Mrs. Cassie Wilson
Grade 5 – Ms. Natalie Kallas
Spanish – Ms. Teresa Pappaterra
Music (Grades K-8) – Mrs. Caitlin Parks
Math Tutor – Mrs. Julie Rastatter
Tutor – Mrs. Laura Moon
Speech Tutor – Mrs. Linda Culler
PE (Grades 2-8) – Mr. David DeWeese
Religion/Social Studies – Mr. Thomas Shaffern
Social Studies – Mr. David DeWeese
ELA/Social Studies – Mrs. Amy Henry
ELA/Reading – Ms. Nichole Bonifay
Title 1 Tutor Supervisor – Mrs. Liz Lippolis
Science – Ms. Ashleigh Dunaway
Math – Mrs. Katy Saunders
Mrs. Tricia Aker – Spanish
Mrs. Kelly Brown – AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. Megan Burian – Spanish
Mrs. Anna Donohue – Art
Mrs. Erikka Durdle – English
Mr. Mike McKenna – US History, World History, Govt., & Psychology
Mrs. Jessica Mueller – Biology/Environmental Science
Mr. Josh Mueller – Theology I and IV/Campus Ministry
Mrs. Gracyn Nickerson – Desktop Publishing/Graphic Design
Mr. Jim Odell – Business Teacher & Plant Manager
Mrs. Marcia Roth – Algebra/Calculus/Physics/Math
Mrs. Leah Shorts – Algebra/Geometry/Probability & Statistics
Ms. Kathleen Zahn – Theology II and III
Mrs. Pat Adams – Book Clerk
Mrs. Kim Catanzaro – School Nurse
Mrs. Jennifer Corcoran – Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Diana McAfee – Bookkeeper
Mrs. Andrea Migliozzi Voltz – City Connects Coordinator
Mrs. Crystal Niekamp – High School Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Diana Paiz – Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Dee Dee Rigney – Extended Care
Ms. Theresa Wagner – Administrative Assistant
Ms. Gabrielle West – City Connects Coordinator
Mr. Josh Mueller – Grades 9-12 Campus Minister
Ms. Maureen Zopff – Pre-K-8 Campus Minister
Mr. Mike Raiff – President
Ms. Jaimee Jordan – Director of Finance and Operations
Mrs. Kris Culp – Director of Development
Mr. Patrick Rizer – High School Principal
Mrs. Kathy Anderson – Pre-K-8 Principal
Mr. Jon Metzger – Director of Athletics
Mrs. Kelly Rodriguez – Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Mrs. Kelsey Shumaker – Communications Coordinator


1200 E High Street
Springfield, Ohio 45505


1817 N. Limestone Street
Springfield, Ohio  45503

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