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Catholic Central School is a pre-K – 12 Archdiocesan regional school committed to changing people’s lives by providing a Catholic education foundation that allows students to succeed. We serve God by educating students of any family that supports our values. This Faculty & Staff Directory was created to make it easier for parents to contact our school faculty and staff. Contact us anytime.

Administration & Leadership Staff

Michael Raiff Headshots 9 2

Mike Raiff


Patrick Rizer Headshots 0047

Patrick Rizer

High School Principal

Kathy Anderson Headshots 0021

Kathy Anderson

Pre-K-8 Principal

Jaimee Jordan Headshots 16 3

Jaimee Jordan

Director of Finance & Operations

Kristin Culp Headshots 0036

Kris Culp

Director of Development

Kelly McCarty Rodriguez Headshots 19 2

Kelly Rodriguez

Director of Admissions

Jon Metzger Headshots 0064

Jon Metzger

Director of Athletics

Beth Allman Headshots 0027

Beth Allman

Assistant Principal

Jim ODell Headshots 0055

Jim Odell

Business Teacher & Plant Manager

Maureen Prikke Headshot 2

Maureen Prikkel

Pre-K-8 Campus Minister

Kelsey Shumaker Headshots 0071

Kelsey Shumaker

Communications Coordinator

Susan Eichenauer Headshots 0017

Susan Eichenauer

City Conects Coordinator


President – Mr. Mike Raiff
Business Manager – Ms. Jaimee Jordan
Principal (Pre-K-8) – Mrs. Kathy Anderson
Assistant Principal (Pre-K-8) – Mrs. Beth Allman
Principal (HS) – Mr. Patrick Rizer


Preschool Director – Mrs. Dawn Clemens
Jr. Kindergarten Teacher – Mrs. Terri Day
Preschool Aide – Mrs. Ellen Malicki
Preschool Aide – Mrs. Lori Gnau
Preschool Aide – Mrs. Jennifer Swartzentruber
Kindergarten – Ms. Emily Derr
Kindergarten – Mrs. Kim DeWitt
Grade 1 – Mrs. Sara Neargarder
Grade 1 – Mrs. Michelle LeMaster
Grade 2 – Mrs. Kari Hope
Grade 2 – Mrs. Therese Larson


Grade 3 – Ms. Maggie Carney
Grade 3 – Mrs. Inge Miller
Grade 4 – Ms. Abigail Fulk
Grade 5 – Mrs. Cassie Wilson
Grade 5 – Ms. Lina Spada
Spanish – Ms. Teresa Pappaterra
Music (Grades K-8) – Mrs. Caitlin Parks
Art (Grades K-8) – Ms. Kassidy Wisecup
PE (Grades 2-8) – Mr. David DeWeese


Religion/Social Studies – Mr. Ryan Haley
ELA/Social Studies – Mrs. Amy Henry
ELA/Reading – Ms. Nichole Bonifay
Science – Ms. Victoria Heldman
Math – Mrs. Katy Saunders


Mrs. Kelly Brown – AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
Mr. Jim Dimitroff – Intervention
Mrs. Anna Donohue – English
Mr. Bryce Garrett – English
Ms. Katherine Hollkamp – Math
Ms. Dana Koesters – Spanish
Ms. Lora Krugh Campbell – Graphic & Fine Arts –
Mr. Mike McKenna – US History, World History & Government
Mr. Jim Odell – Business Teacher & Facilities Manager
Mrs. Marcia Roth – Algebra/Calculus/Physics/Math
Mr. John Schmiesing – Theology


Mrs. Kim Catanzaro – School Nurse
Mrs. Susan Eichenauer – City Connects Coordinator
Mrs. Diana McAfee – Bookkeeper
Mrs. Crystal Niekamp – High School Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Diana Paiz – Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Karen Pavlansky – Food Services Coordinator
Mrs. Dee Dee Rigney – After Care
Ms. Theresa Wagner – Administrative Assistant
Ms. Gabrielle West – City Connects Coordinator


Ms. Holley Mangold – Grades 9-12 Campus Minister
Mrs. Maureen Prikkel – Pre-K-8 Campus Minister


Mr. Mike Raiff – President
Ms. Jaimee Jordan – Director of Finance and Operations
Mrs. Kris Culp – Director of Development
Mr. Patrick Rizer – High School Principal
Mrs. Kathy Anderson – Pre-K-8 Principal
Mr. Jon Metzger – Director of Athletics
Mrs. Kelly Rodriguez – Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Mrs. Kelsey Shumaker – Communications Coordinator

Contact members of the Faculty & Staff Directory by email or by calling the school office. Parents are the primary teachers of young people. We appreciate your trust in the Catholic Central School in educating your youth. How may we help?