Approaching 100 years of Catholic School

History of Catholic Central School

Catholic education in Clark and Champaign County began in the mid-1800s and was staffed by the Sisters of Charity for over 100 years. St. Raphael Parish School was the first Catholic school in the region with education beginning in the church basement. The Catholic community continued to experience growth and more schools were founded including St. Mary in Urbana and St. Joseph, St. Bernard, St. Mary, and St. Teresa in Springfield.

In 1929, three parish high schools merged to form Catholic Central High School located on multiple campuses. In 1932, all high school operations were moved to the St. Raphael school building on East High Street.

Due to growth in the parish schools and high school, a new building was erected at 1200 East High Street and opened as Catholic Central High School in the fall of 1958.

Merging Parish Schools

The History of Catholic Central School and surrounding Catholic schools were impacted by several mergers in the later 20th century.

Catholic Central is indebted to the Sisters of Charity for shaping generations of young people into successful men and women of faith who continue to be active in the Church and support the school. The success of Catholic Central today is a tribute to these selfless women, the pastors and parishes who have supported the school, the sacrifices of the faculty and staff, the annual and capital support of alumni and benefactors, and the generations of families who make Catholic Central the true community Jesus called it to be.

The history of Catholic Central School is nearly 100 years of faith and determination. We are excited to be celebrating 100 years of our Catholic school in just a few years.