What is Global Catholic Central?

Global Catholic Central is a generosity and career networking organization. We are alumni, stakeholders, and community members with a passion for the long-term success of Catholic Central and its graduates. We aim to inspire and empower the global Fighting Irish community to generously contribute with time, consultation, expertise, career networking, student recruiting, and creative resources. We want current and prospective Fighting Irish families to know that choosing Catholic Central secures a lifelong education, community, and network that is second to none.

How do I join the Global Catholic Central movement?

If you are an alum, stakeholder, or community member, you are already a part of the Global Catholic Central family. Take these two simple steps to officially connect with the Global Catholic Central alumni and stakeholder organization:

Reconnect. Please complete the Global Catholic Central – Alumni and Stake Holder Information Form


Join the conversation. Global Catholic Central is on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Letter from Alumnus, Jason Ronai (Class of 1996)

Dear Catholic Central Alumni:

I had the tremendous honor of being the alumni speaker at Catholic Central’s sold-out Emerald Evening on April 29th, 2017. The theme for Emerald Evening was “Portraits of Excellence.” I highlighted Catholic Central’s historic excellence in the Springfield community and beyond, and discussed the six foundational “brushes” that will continue to paint portraits of excellence for Catholic Central students and families for years to come.

The Six Brushes of Excellence

  1. Kindness
  2. Selflessness
  3. Pride
  4. Love
  5. Community
  6. Faith, in God and one another

A Catholic Central education is an investment with a lifetime of returns. We are all experiencing those returns to this day. Each of the six brushes painted our lifelong education at Catholic Central. For the many Fighting Irish alumni throughout this country, we strive to create this same educational experience for our children.

The Time is Now

We are facing a crucial time for our alma mater. Catholic education survives and thrives on the generosity of its community. Thousands of Catholic Central alumni have found success in all parts of the world. But this means our community is spread far and wide. Catholic Central has largely maintained its strength due to local giants who have supported it throughout. Stiff educational competition and volatile financial climates have taken their toll on Catholic education nationwide. Catholic Central faces this same challenge. But this will not stop our alma mater from opening its doors to the tremendous value of Catholic Central education. We need more students to experience what we experienced: kindness, selflessness, pride, love, community, and faith.

In an effort to support, I am embarking on a project called Global Catholic Central. With the strength of our local Springfield community and the power of our global alumni, we can create a network of genuine and creative generosity. In today’s world, community can be global. We do not have to live in Springfield to support our alma mater, and I’d like to reconnect us to the beautiful mission of Catholic Central.

How to Creatively Support Catholic Central

A Catholic education requires strong financial support from alumni, but there are many creative ways to be a generous graduate of Catholic Central:

  1. Promote Global Catholic Central. Encourage your fellow alumni to join Global Catholic Central. Share the Global Catholic Central – Alumni/Stakeholder Information Form. Share the social media pages as well.
  2. Give talent. Catholic Central needs you, in whatever capacity you see fit. Generosity is not limited to donation. Do you have expertise that can benefit Catholic Central? Do you have connections and resources that can benefit Catholic Central? Do you have a vision for future partnerships? Let us know when you fill out the Global Catholic Central alumni/stakeholder information form.
  3. Reunite. Come back to Emerald Evening on April 28th, 2018. Bring your friends. Create a reunion.
  4. Host an event. Do you live an area that has many Catholic Central alumni? Host an alumni social or networking event and I’ll do all I can to come and speak about Global Catholic Central.
  5. Donate to the Annual Fund. Last year the Annual Fund generated $280,774. We aim to increase it to $475,000.
  6. Share your story. We need to know about our alumni. We want prospective students to know about you. You can share your story by emailing me or filling out Global Catholic Central – Alumni/Stakeholder Information Form
  7. Contact me. You can contact me anytime at a.ronai@gmail.com or 240-672-1076. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In.

Join us. Let’s support our alma mater.

“We’re with you forever, Catholic Central High!” – Catholic Central Fight Song

Yours in faith and community,

Jason Ronai

Class of 1996