Catholic Central School Tuition

For 85 years, Catholic Central has offered only the highest quality of education for area youth. Our mission is based on the principles and foundation of building values for a lifetime.

Catholic Central strives to keep our tuition increases to a minimum. In fact, our tuition ranks among the lowest of all the schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Even so, we realize that paying for a private education is a sacrifice. We encourage all families to apply for financial assistance in addition to other discounts for which you may be eligible.

Nearly 60% of Catholic Central students receive some sort of financial aid.

Tuition Assistance Online Application

For K-8 students, the financial assistance available is primarily General Tuition Assistance, which comes directly from our standard school budgets.

Financial aid for grades 9-12, however, can be a combination of General Tuition Assistance and Scholarships.

– High School General Aid is funded by the Catholic Central Foundation via the Annual Emerald Evening Auction and is given to those most in need.

– High School Scholarships are also provided by the Catholic Central Foundation and are funded through the generosity of private individuals and families  interested in helping those desiring a Catholic Central education. Qualifications for the Scholarships are determined by the private donors. Most are need based and many have additional criteria such as academic excellence, demonstrated service to the community and proven leadership qualities.

In order to receive any type of tuition assistance from Catholic Central, you must complete the FACTS online application. If you have multiple children at Catholic Central School (K-12), you will only need to complete on FACTS application.

The majority of tuition assistance is based on qualified financial need. The Catholic Central Tuition Assistance Committee makes all final decisions regarding the amount of aid offered to each family. FACTS is a ratings service that provides the school with a list of applicants ranked by financial need, along with a recommendation of tuition assistance. We use this service to ensure that private information provided remains confidential, and it allows us to fairly allocate our tuition assistance dollars based on need.

For assistance in completing the application, call the Catholic Central Business Office at 937-328-7425 ext. 114 or 119.

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

High School (Grades 9-12)

Full Tuition                                          $8,500
Catholic Active Parishioner Tuition         $7,700

Grades 7-8

Full Tuition                                          $5,950
Catholic Active Parishioner Tuition         $3,750
(Participating Parishes: St. Bernard, St. Joseph/St. Raphael, St. Mary in Urbana, and St. Teresa)

Grades K-6

Full Tuition                                           $5,950
Catholic Active Parishioner Tuition          $3,550
(Participating Parishes: St. Bernard, St. Joseph/St. Raphael, St. Mary in Urbana, and St. Teresa)

Registration Fees: (per student) Non-refundable unless the student is not accepted to Catholic Central


*Multi-child Discount Program for K-12

2nd Child Discount                                 $150
3rd Child Discount                                  $300
4th Child Discount                                  $550
5th Child Discount                                  $850

* Geographic Travel Discount

You may receive a $250 reduction if you live outside of bus service.

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