School Tuition at Catholic Central

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For 95 years, Catholic Central has offered only the highest quality of education for area youth. Our mission is based on the principles and foundation of building values for a lifetime. Catholic Central strives to keep our school tuition increases to a minimum. Even so, we realize that paying for private education is a sacrifice. We encourage you to apply for scholarships and grants, in addition to other discounts for which you may be eligible.

The majority of the costs of operating Catholic Central School come from school tuition and fee payments. Like any business, the school depends on prompt payment of tuition and fees in order to continue providing services to the students. The following regulations are enacted in order to ensure that the financial aspects of the school are handled in a smooth and efficient fashion. When difficulties arise, please contact the Business Office before it becomes a crisis. In most cases, we can make arrangements that will help both parties achieve their goals.

Scholarships & Grants

Nearly 97% of Catholic Central students receive some sort of scholarships & grants.

Scholarships and grants are available for ALL Pre-K through 12 students.


Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are provided by the Catholic Central Foundation and are funded through the generosity of individuals and families interested in helping those desiring a Catholic Central education. Qualifications for the scholarships are determined by the private donors. Most are need-based and many have additional criteria such as academic excellence, demonstrated service to the community, and proven leadership qualities.

Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)

The Catholic Education Foundation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (CEF) offers scholarships for all students, Pre-K-12. Please visit for more details and instructions on how to apply.

The Catholic Education Foundation also offers a limited number of Welcome Scholarships to eligible Pre-K-8 students. To qualify, the student must be the first child of the applicant to attend a Catholic school. Please visit for more details and instructions on how to apply.

Ohio EdChoice Scholarship

The State of Ohio offers the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship to applicants with students in grades K-12. There are both school performance-based scholarships, as well as income-based scholarships available through EdChoice. For more information, please visit our EdChoice Scholarship page.

In order to receive any type of tuition assistance from Catholic Central, you must complete the FACTS online application. If you have multiple children at Catholic Central School (Pre-K-12), you will only need to complete one FACTS application.

The majority of tuition assistance is based on qualified financial need. The Catholic Central Tuition Assistance Committee makes all final decisions regarding the amount of aid offered to each family. FACTS is a rating service that provides the school with a list of applicants ranked by financial need, along with a recommendation of tuition assistance. We use this service to ensure that private information provided remains confidential, and it allows us to fairly allocate our tuition assistance dollars based on need.

For assistance in completing the application, call the Catholic Central Business Office at 937-325-9204 ext. 114 or 119.

2023-2024 School Tuition Rates


  • PK-3: $1,784
  • PK-4: $1,955
  • Jr. K: $2,698

Grades K-8

  • $7,035
  • Catholic Parishioner Discount – $2,150  *Student must be awarded tuition subsidy by a local parish to qualify for this discount.

Grades 9-12

  • $9,535
  • Catholic Parishioner Discount  – $750

CTC Students (Joint-Vocational)

  • $1,250 for each course taken on campus at Catholic Central
  • All CTC students are required to complete Theology class on campus at Catholic Central.

Please note: In order to receive the Catholic parishioner tuition rate, the family must be approved for parish subsidy by their parish’s business office. Please contact your parish business office for guidance on how to apply for the parish subsidy.

2023-2024 Fees:

Required (Pre-School & Junior Kindergarten)

  • Registration: $100

Required (Grades K-12)

  • Registration: $250

Elective Fees

  • Athletic (per sport)
    • Elementary/Middle: $50 (family max – $300)
    • High School: $125 (family max – $500)
  • 8th Grade Trip
  • 12th Grade Trip (Ireland)
  • Advanced Placement Test Fees
  • College Credit Plus Fees Above the State Allowance

Other Grade-Specific Fees

  • 8th Grade Graduation: $100
  • 12th Grade Graduation: $150

Please note: Fees may apply for misuse, damage, or loss of school property, including but not limited to locks, books, computers/Chromebooks, and hotspots.

2023-2024 Discounts:

Multi-Child Discount (Grades Pre-K-12) – reduces tuition cost for families who have more than one child attending Catholic Central.

  • $150 – 2nd child discount
  • $300 – 3rd child discount
  • $550 – 4th child discount
  • $850 – 5th child discount