Dear Prospective Students and Families-

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Central School. We hope this website will help you learn more about the benefits of a Catholic Central education.

Choosing the right school for your son or daughter is not always an easy decision. Whether your child is about to step into school for the first time as they enter preschool or continuing their educational journey in high school, choosing the right school is the first step in preparing them for the future. We hope that in learning more about what Catholic Central has to offer, this decision will be made a little easier.

Catholic Central’s preschool through high school model is one of the many benefits of our school. Students are presented with consistent goals and expectations throughout each level of their education. There is a curriculum continuum that runs from preschool through the senior year of high school.

Our small school environment leads to a strong sense of community among all of our families and staff. Our students build lasting relationships with their teachers and friends throughout their time at Catholic Central.

We hope that you will take time to explore our website further to learn more about Catholic Central.

Go Irish!

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