Academic Program For Independence

Catholic Central School is a Pre-K to 12 Archdiocesan regional school committed to providing a Catholic education that allows students to succeed.

Great Academics Starts with Caring

Meet Vice Principal Beth Allman - academics

Meet Beth Allman, Assistant Principal, as she speaks of the blend of academics and family-style relationships in learning. Here is what to expect at our school.

A little bit after eight o’clock, Mrs. Anderson our principal, gets on the announcements. We talk about our saint of the day. We have a prayer. We do our birthday announcements, and we just kind of get centered and ready to focus.

The sixth through eighth grades operate on the same schedule as the high schooers. It’s important to know the dedication of our teachers to educate each and every student and meet their needs. they work so hard to make sure that students are not only learning what they need to learn but socially doing well


We believe that what is most important in these early years of a child’s development is to provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment with an emphasis on Christian values. Our preschool program concentrates on the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and cognitive growth of the whole child. We value play as a viable learning tool, and through child-directed, process-oriented play, children will learn to share, develop problem-solving skills, math and science skills, social, physical, pre-reading, and language skills. Our curriculum is prepared to conform to the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning Standards, which are aligned with the learning benchmarks for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Our Preschool Academics are small classes that focus on socialization, independence, creativity, exploration, sharing, spiritual development, and learning to work and play within a group setting.

Elementary School Academics (K-8):

At Catholic Central, we are dedicated to making sure our students are well connected! That is why computer technology is integrated into all subject areas and each student has the use of an individual Chromebook for 1:1 instruction. Students in grades K-8 have access to our City Connects Program, where our City Connects Coordinator creates a tailored support plan for every student.

Our academic program is driven by the Courses of Study, published by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which identifies specific learning objectives for students’ coursework. Extracurricular activities, including clubs and athletics, build character and promote teamwork among our elementary students. Some of these extracurricular activities include Little Irish sports, altar servers, and field trips.

Students in grades K – 8 take the i-Ready benchmark testing three times a year. This is the testing we use as the alternative for the Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee. There is a screener in the fall and it is taken two additional times throughout the year. This test helps us to evaluate the K – 2 to see who is on track with their reading and who may need additional support to get their reading level on track for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Our elementary students take a full range of subjects, including:

  • Religion
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish

High School Academics (9-12):

Catholic Central High School academics emphasizes intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical, and social values in our students. Self-discipline, responsibility, and self-motivation are benefits of this environment. We offer a strong, diverse college “preparatory” curriculum that prepares students for independence, as well as for continuing their education after graduation. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available, as well as in-house College Credit Plus Courses (CCP). Catholic Central prides itself on serving its students through a curriculum of rigor, while also working to provide students with the individualized support they need in order to be successful. Catholic Central is blessed to have a wonderfully diverse body of learners and works to meet their needs on an individual basis.

Central to our identity as a Catholic institution is a rich Theology curriculum. Our Theology curriculum provides students an excellent spiritual foundation in our Catholic tradition, as well as works to equip students to deal with the moral issues of today’s world. Among other subjects, students will grow in their understanding of moral decision-making. These classes encourage faith in action. What students learn is applied to everyday life through projects and activities that encourage service and social justice.